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Mission: To empower the vulnerable with the support needed to live a thriving life, restoring dignity and livelihood.  


Vision: A world without spiritual or physical poverty.  


We pursue this mission through a commitment to: 


  • Partnering with indigenous churches to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

  • Focusing on asset based community development that identifies and mobilizes the capabilities, skills, and resources of the community 

  • Decentralizing Sustain International authority and empowering regional and field staff in order to fully engage the vulnerable in the process   


Our holistic model develops and manages sustainable projects with our partners to achieve long term results.



We develop projects that reduce dependence on foreign aid while committing them to a model of transparency. The end goal of each project is to elevate the quality of life by empowering the vulnerable and transforming communities.  


We choose to use a holistic approach that tackles multiple root causes because we believe in a full-solution to poverty. 

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